Moments of Real Preciousness


Moments of Real Preciousness

Life is made up of lots of stories. Your stories. Stories worth capturing & remembering. Through natural light and genuine smiles, I want to do just that. To take photos that press pause on time and allow you to not just remember, but relive them. To have a lasting memory of your life’s most special moments. 

This is my passion. Capturing your story.



The newborn days can quickly disappear in a blur. There is so much joy and yet such little sleep. If only time would stand still to allow you to properly take it all in. Your new baby’s tiny, perfect details. Their adorable yawn. Their tight little grip. Their peaceful face as they sleep on your chest.

Capturing these moments is something you’ll treasure forever. Something you can look back on with others and relive this precious time. Because they’ll just change so fast. I not only get those beautiful sleeping baby photos, but also the unique and natural bond between you and them and your family. And of course, siblings are welcome! 

Please note, to get the most out of a New Born Session, they are best within first 2 weeks after birth, so please book well in advance to secure a date.



I want to capture your family being themselves. Comfortable and candid. 

You’ll get portraits that represent your family’s nature and candid photographs that capture your relationship and emotion.

I want you to look back and remember how it felt to be with your family. To relive the love and bond between you at that moment in time, as well as the cheeky faces and the cuddles. I want to tell the unique and special story of your family. Before they all grow up to fast!

This session is designed mostly for outdoors, but can also be done in your home.

It is suited for your immediate family or extended family!



A maternity session should not just be able what it looks like to be pregnant, but what it feels like. Above all else, I want to capture this - what I call your glow.

Of course, there’ll be images of your stunning bump and how beautiful you are in pregnancy.

But I desire to capture more than that. I desire to take photos that tell of your connection with your baby. The emotion of knowing your child is growing in you. The anticipation their arrival. The intimacy and bond already in your relationship. The admiration and care of a partner. The incredible strength and power of your body.

Maternity sessions usually take place between 32-35 weeks. Why? So your bump is nicely grown, but you still feel up for it.



Toddlers are wild. I want to grab those beautiful, crazy, love filled moments and show their personalities. A mixture of classic portraits of your toddler to frame on the wall, and fun photos of them doing their favourite activities. I'll include you in some and the rest of the family. Its more of a documentary style session, I just follow you around and have a lot of fun! Toddlers won't stand and pose for long, but make it fun and and a game and we can go for hours!

I want you IN the photos, because we all have plenty of phone photos, but not many with us in them. Plus my camera can capture those quick toddler moments better than your phone!